Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – May 21, 2006

In our first hour…
Bush wants the Senate to confirm General Michael Hayden, former head of the
National Security Agency, as the new head of the CIA — by the end of the
week! What did we learn during his Thursday hearings about his views on
torture, spying, and the militarization of the government?

In our second hour…
Conservatives have Regnery — a quick turn-around publisher — to put out
propaganda to reach millions in what seems like the blink of an eye. But
what about progressives. Working Assets publishing has just published its
first book: "How Would a Patriot Act: Defending American Values from a
President Run Amok" by high-profile First Amendment attorney Glenn
Greenwald. Greenwald, and a leading force behind Working Assets publishing, Jennifer Nix, will join us, along with author and columnist Rick Perlstein. His most recently published book is: " The Stock Ticker and the Superjumbo: How the Democrats Can Once Again Become America’s Dominant Political Party."

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