The Morning Show

The Morning Show – May 17, 2006

Cindy Sheehan with her new book: Dear Mr. President Bush and Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal both speaking on May 1st in San Francisco

Alternative Medicine: We will play excerpts form the documentary The New Medicine: Extraordinary changes are taking place in American medicine today. Driven by new scientific evidence, doctors are coming to understand that treating the body alone is not enough – the mind can also play a critical role in the healing process.

Many physicians are embracing a more holistic form of healthcare, seeking to heal the whole person. Treatments once considered fringe, including visualization, meditation and hypnosis, are being prescribed alongside high-tech western medicine. And medical schools are placing new importance on teaching the "softer side of medicine": listening and communicating.

Hosted by Dana Reeve in one of her last public appearances, THE NEW MEDICINE is a revealing look at physicians on the cutting edge of this approach.

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