Act One Radio Drama

Act One Radio Drama – May 7, 2006

this episode is no longer available

Ric Salinas, Richard Montoya & Herbert Siguenza together were born as
Culture Clash in the Mission District in 1983. Based in Los Angeles
since 1990, Culture Clash have been making people laugh for over two
decades. Subtitled ‘Culture Clash Invades Miami,’ ‘Mambo’ is as fast and
funny as its predecessors, and a great showcase for the performers’
skill at quick-change character sketches. But it’s also more cohesive and
sharper in its exploration of the all-American syndrome that gives the
group its name. It’s 90 minutes of sharply etched – comic, serious,
unsettling and thought provoking – portraits representing the many
cultures that make up Miami: Cubans, Jews, African Americans, Haitians,
Anglos and all.

Act One celebrates Cinco De Mayo by presenting L.A. Theatreworks
production of "Radio Mambo" tonight. Sit down and relax, you have the best
seat in the house.

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