Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – April 19, 2006

On this week’s program, we bring you Algerian-born Hunter College anthropology and History Professor, Marnia Lazreg, who is scheduled to give a lecture at 340 Stephens Hall on the campus of UC Berkeley at 3:30 PM on Friday, April 21. Dr. Lazreg will talk to us about the current movement in France of neo-conservative historical revisionism regarding a dark chapter of French history: the colonial era in Algeria and the bloody seven-year war that brought an end to it, relating this movement to the current international climate of renewed, overt western imperialism in the Middle East.

Later in the program, we will hear an interview with Linda Blackaby, Director of Programming of San Francisco International Film Festival about the films from the Middle East and North Africa that will be screened in the 49th festival that will start on Thursday, April 20.

Also, on tonight’s program, we will listen to an interview with Torannge Yeghiazarian, the Artistic Director of Golden Thread Productions, and Paris based director Hafiz Karmali about the play "Island of Animals" that is based on a 10th century fable by Ikhwan al-Safa or Brethren of purity, a circle of thinkers from Basra in today’s Iraq. The play will be performed at Thick House in San Francisco starting on Thursday, April 20.

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