Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – February 26, 2006

The U.S. Military, Special Forces, and the Rise of the Rumsfeld Doctrine. Joining us: Cindy Williams, Principal Research Scientist of the Security Studies Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author, Holding the Line: U.S. Defense Alternatives for the Early 21st Century (MIT Press 2001) and Filling the Ranks: Transforming the U.S. Military Personnel System. Linda Robinson, Senior Writer for U.S. News & World Report specializing in national security issues. Philippe Sands, author, "Lawless World: America and the Making and Breaking of Global Rules–From FDR’s Atlantic Charter to George W. Bush’s Illegal War"

Second Hour: California’s default into a death penalty moratorium. We’ll check in with a physician regarding the medical ethics issues that led to the indefinite stay this week of Michael Morales’ execution, then, an interview with Sister Helen Prejean ("Dead Man Walking" and "The Death of Innocents")

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