The Morning Show

The Morning Show – February 14, 2006

7:08 Katrina Aftermath – Billy Sothern, an anti-death penalty lawyer and writer for the Nation magazine living in New Orleans, his book “Down in New Orleans,”
Malcolm Suber, Spokesperson for the People’s Hurricane Relief Fund &
Oversight Coalition, CiCi Campbell-Rock, Journalist for the Bayview newspaper and member of the
Hurricane Evacuee Council of the Bay Area,

7:34 Public Mayoral Campaign Financing in S.F. – Ned Wigglesworth, Analyst with, a watchdog organization, monitoring big money in politics, 916-446-4741, has call waiting Rob Arnow, Campaign organizer for San Franciscans for Voter Owned Elections,

7:45 Falungong and the Chinese New Year’s Day Parade – Sherry Zhong (Falun Gong Practioner) We invited the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to participate

8:08 Advancing African Women’s Economic Power and Leadership – Muadi Mukenge, Global Fund for Women program officer and facilitator of discussion Mariam Kamara, the founder of the Oakland-based Women of Africa Resource Center

8:23 An exploration of baboon love in honor of Valentine’s day

8:30 news headlines, community calendar

8:35 Universal Pre-School – Grace Manning-Orenstein Ph. D, Executive Director and Founder The Link to Children in Oakland (In Studio) Angie Garling, child care coordinator for Alameda County, Planning for Early Childhood Education for All in Alameda County (In Studio) Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, Executive Director of Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement

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