Radio Chronicles

Radio Chronicles – February 5, 2006

6:30 p.m. Radio Chronicles
"Last month Michigan Democratic Congressman, John Conyers held an unofficial
hearing to investigate President Bush’s controversial warrantless

surveillance program by the National Security Agency or NSA on U.S. citizens on
U.S. soil. Such a breach of executive powers has led to a growing call for the
impeachment of President Bush. The current exposure of domestic surveillance of
U.S. citizens connects back
to events in the early 1971 when the FBI’s so-called counter-intelligence program
or COINTELPRO came to light. Join the Radio Chronicles this coming Sunday,
February 5th at 6:30pm when we go back in time in the
ground-breaking documentary "Me and My Shadow: Infiltration Of The Left By The
U.S. Government," which was produced for Pacifica Radio in 1976 just as the
outline of the government’s secret war against the
Left was beginning to emerge.

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