Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – November 13, 2005

In our first hour…
Stanley "Tookie" Williams is petitioning Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
for clemency. He’d scheduled to be put to death by the state December
We’ll discuss, Tookie Teach in Week, and the state of the Death Penalty in
Joining us…
Barbara Becnel, Williams’ advocate, and author with him of several
childrens books
Stefanie Faucher, Program Director, Death Penalty Focus, coordinating
Tookie Teach-in Week
and others…

In our second hour…
Murrow & McCarthy: Are we there again?
A discussion of the film, Good Night, and Good Luck with…
Featured McCarthy victim Milo Radulovich,
Former CBS producer Mary Mapes, author of the new book Truth & Duty: The
Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power

Washington Post Correspondent Haynes Johnson, author of The Age of Fear:
McCarthyism to Terrorism

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