The Morning Show

The Morning Show – November 3, 2005

Election Features from the KPFA News Department. Prop W, Monterey, (water);
Growth Limits in Cupertino; Living Wage in Emeryville; Genetically Modified Organisms in Sonoma.

Prop 73, Parental Consent for Abortion. Albin Rhomberg, spokesperson for yes on 73; Linci Comy, executive director of Women’s Choice Clinic in Oakland.

Melissa Walt, visiting professor at Western Washington University, author of catalog intro for Fang Zhaoling: A Life in Painting.

8:20 Jennifer Stone with Stone’s Throw. Thanks to Maxine Wyman, Juliett Cifuentes.

Proposition I in SF: no military recruitment in public schools. Yes: Todd Chretien , Author of Proposition I & Organizer of College Not
Combat Campaign.

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