The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – October 20, 2005

Violent abuse of hunger-striking prisoners at the U.S. Prison at Guantanamo Bay. Lawyers for the inmates say they are being violently force-fed as punishment that detainees equate with torture.

More outrage in the Muslim word as U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan burn the bodies of two Taliban fighters and taunt other militants as cowardly dogs afraid to retrieve their dead and give them a proper Islamic burial.

President Bush meets with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the white house. Afterwards Bush admits that his goal of a Palestinian state by this year won’t be met — and perhaps won’t be achieved during the remainder of his term.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger snubs President Bush as he visits California. Schwarzenegger is irked that Bush is raising money here that the governor hoped to snag for his special election battle.

Charges that proponents of anti-union Proposition 75 are illegally using a non-profit mailing permit and imprinting their literature with a bogus union bug.

And the Senate stymies two attempts to raise the federal minimum wage.

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