Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – September 25, 2005

First Hour:
Catastrophes Here and There
Guests: Brian Edwards Tiekert, environmental justice reporter, KPFA
(from lake Charles, LA); Daniel Ellsberg, activist and
author, "Secrrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon
Papers" (Penguin). Plus speeches by Cindy Sheehan
and Rev. Jesse Jackson from the 9/24 anti-war rally in Washington.

Hour Two:
Children Left Behind: Prisons and Families in the US

Guests: Nell Bernstein, author, All Alone in the World: Children of
the Incarcerated
(New Press), and two of her book’s
subjects, Emani Davis and Carl Bernard. (See for
details of their organization’s work – San Francisco
Children of Incarcerated Parents.)

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