APEX Express

APEX Express – September 22, 2005

The Domestic Crusaders: Wajahat Ali’s on-stage story of
how lives in a Pakistani American family inter-sect with the drama of the
post-9/ll. We’ll hear excerpts from the play, live on-air, and learn
about what has drawn audiences to it. Plus, learn about Katrina relief
efforts by the Bay Area Vietnamese American community. Helping those
members displaced by the hurricane, we’ll talk to people who traveled to
Houston to give aid.* And, we’ll get an up-date on Sri Lankan tsunami
reconstruction, relief efforts by Partha Banerjee as well as hear if
there’s any comparisons with efforts in the Gulf. Plus, music calendar
and more.

Check out: www.apexexpress.org (includes *Audio Clip, Article on New
Orleans’ music). Plus, go to www.myspace.com/apexexpress for info on
Apex’s API hip-hop show.

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