The Morning Show

The Morning Show – September 19, 2005

Disaster un-preparedness. Allison Stein Wellner, author of Mother Jones article: No Exit ( [the article details how many people in major cities don’t have cars and how disaster plans often leave out motorless residents]; Dr. Frances Edwards, director of San Jose Office of Emergency Services (


Juvenile Justice Alternatives. John Hubner, author of Last Chance in Texas: The redemption of criminal youth; David Sidener, Donald P. McCullum Youth Court; Rudolph Herrera, Case Manager Coordinator at the Donald P McCullum Youth Court. Sharnay. 510-832-5858


Charles C. Mann, author of 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus


Parenting with Opal Palmer Adisa: Caring for terminally ill children. Ann Berlin, executive director of the George Mark Children’s Home; Mary Patrick, volunteer at the George Mark Children’s Home and on their speaker bureau, in studio; and possibly a parent of a child who lived/lives at the home.

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