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The Morning Show – September 9, 2005


Race and the Gulf Coast.
Robert Jensen, professor at the School of Journalism, U of Texas @ Austin,
and author of The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism and White
main event: Thursday, September 15th, 7pm City Lights Books, 261 Columbus
Avenue, SF info at 415-362-8193 ext:15 and
also: Sonoma State University’s Project Censored will present him in
Stevenson, Room 1002 at Sonoma State University, 1801 East Cotati Ave,
Rohnert Park, CA, September 16, at 7:00


No Child Left Behind.
Dr. Linda McNeil, Professor and Director of the Center for Education at
Rice University and the author of Contradictions of School Reform: The
Educational Costs of Standardized
Harold Berlak, former professor of education at Washington University and a
fellow at the Educational Policy Research Unit at Arizona State University
and Applied Research Center;
James Popham, author of America’s "Failing" Schools: How Parents and
Teachers can cope with No Child Left Behind


Michelangelo Signorile, author of Hitting Hard: On George W.
Bush, Mary Cheney, Gay Marriage, Tom Cruise, the Christian Right and Sexual
Hypocrisy in America


Michael Franti, (in studio w/ guitar and live music) newest CD "Love
Kamikaze: The Lost Sex Singles & Collectors’ Remixes
7th Annual "911 Power to the Peaceful Festival: Bring ‘Em Home" Saturday
9/10 11AM-5PM Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park, SF;


The Ella Baker Center is sponsoring an EVENT Saturday morning at 1st
Congregational Church in Oakland:

Mourning Lives Lost and Celebrating the Spirit of Resilience

Saturday, SEPT. 10th, 10 am – 12:30 pm at the FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH,
OAKLAND — 2501 Harrison Street, Oakland

Hear firsthand accounts from displaced people now in our communities.
Join artists, musicians, activists and community members to grieve with
our Gulf Coast brothers and sisters, to honor their strength and to
celebrate a resurgence of resistance to U.S. racist policies.

Featuring: New Orleans native poets Mac Dennis, Mike Molina of
ROOTS/Community Works, also singer Renee Wilson, Van Jones of Ella Baker
Center and others.

Sponsored by the First Congregational Church and Ella Baker Center for
Human Rights.
For More Information: [email protected] or 510-428-3939 x229
Requested donation of $10 for relief efforts at the door — no one
turned away for lack of funds.

Our friends at Hard Knock Radio recommend that you consider contributing
funds to Heal the Hood Foundation, a Mississippi foundation owned by hip
hop recording artist David Banner. Heal The Hood is able to get into the
poorest areas to help people.

Checks and money orders may be sent to:
Heal The Hood, Inc.
PO BOX 13815
Jackson, MS 39236

Also recommended by Hard Knock:
21st Century Youth Leadership Movement and the National Voting Rights
Movement: These organizations have coordinated the 21st Century dormitory
and camp site based in Perry County, Mississippi as a shelter for over 65
hurricane victims. They are making arrangements to accommodate at least 50
more people. They are also establishing a school for the children at the
site as well as support programs. Contact Joanne Bland at 334-418-0800.

Other organizations that are recommended by Hard Knock:
The People’s Hurricane Fund and Community Oversight Committee
Incite Gulf States Chapter
FELIC (Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children)
Louisiana Welfare Rights Organization
Louisiana Bucket Brigade – an environmental justice organization working to
assure an honest and accurate accounting by both industry and the Louisiana
Department of Environmental Quality of the toxics that have been released,
to get help and funding from experts at all levels, and to plan for toxics
monitoring once the floodwaters recede.

Louisiana Bucket Brigade
5745 Berkshire
baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806
Phone: (501) 554 – 2727

Southern Echo
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Gulf States Chapter
NAACP/MER-C in Mississippi
Southern Relief Fund,
c/o Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights
There are currently thousands of people coming to Houston, and the local
Asian/Pacific Islander American Community community is working together to
provide assistance to people with language and cultural barriers who are in
immediate need. Go to and click on "Katrina APIA Relief
Fund" or send your check by snail mail directly to the two funds they are
collecting for:

CCC-Katrina CARE
9800 Town Park
Houston, TX 77036.

Houston Asian Relief from Katrina (or HARK)
c/o Council Member Gordon Quan
P.O. Box 1562
Houston, Texas 77251

Support Hard Knock Radio and Third World Majority’s Media Justice fact
finding and relief delegation of Journalists of Color to the Gulf States
impacted by Hurricane
Katrina. The cities covered include Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA,
Biloxi, MS, Jackson, MS, and Selma, AL from September 11-21,
2005. This delegation will be traveling to cover the personal stories of
Black, Latino, and Asian families neglected by mainstream media and
criminalized by local and national government. The delegation will
provide much needed office infrastructure to the community institutions on
the frontlines courageously struggling to help their people survive.

Ways that you can help.

* Please send us information about progressive organizations in the region
that are your allies that require new and/or additional equipment. Much of
this info is coming
out via our political networks but in isolated pockets. If you
can send us that info ASAP we can make sure they get office
equipment now or in the future. You can send that info to
[email protected] or [email protected]

*Please send stories that are breaking within your
community, family, and organizing networks. Many of the stories
are only coming out because of these relationships. Please
send this info to both [email protected] and
[email protected]

* Please donate office equipment and supplies to Third World Majority’s
office at 369 15th St, Oakland, Ca 94612 before September 10. 2005.
Office equipment received will
go to progressive organizations who had their infrastructure destroyed and
require these equipment to continue to support their membership in this
time of crisis. Office equipment that is needed includes laptops, fax
machines, printers, scanners, office supplies, etc. This delegation will
leave September 11-21st, 2005. Any equipment received after this time will
still be shipped to the organizations shortly after
donation. If you are willing to donate equipment and are not based in the
Bay Area please contact the TWM office and we will connect you to the
appropriate regional drop off point or organization for your donation.

* Please donate funds to cover future shipping costs of equipment.
Shipping to this area is extremely expensive given the breakdown of
infrastructure in this region.

Please send stories that are breaking within you community,
family, and organizing networks. Many of the stories are only
coming out because of these relationships. Please send this
info to both [email protected] and [email protected]

* Please donate funds to support this delegation. We are bringing radio
and video producers from Hard Knock and Third World Majority as well as
journalists/organizers of color from the Southeast. We want to support
these journalists who are in these areas to get their stories out. The
more funding we receive for this delegation the more we can support their

For any other questions please contact Hard Knock Radio and Third World

Hard Knock Radio/ KPFA
1929 M L King Jr Way
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
[email protected]

Third World Majority
369 15th St
Oakland, CA 94612

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