Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – July 17, 2005

fFirst Hour: "Iraq, Vietnam, and the Terrorism Puzzle"

Guests: Terry McDermott, reporter, Los Angeles Times, author, Perfect
Soldiers: The Hijackers, Who They Were, Why They Did It
(Harper Collins);
Frances Fitzgerald, author, Fire in the Lake:The Vietnamese and the
Americans in Vietnam
(1972); Charles E. Neu, Adjunct Professor of
History, University of Miami, author, America’s Lost War: Vietnam:
(Harlan Davidson); Tom Gallagher, organizer, San Francisco
([email protected])

(See: Terry McDermott, How Menacing is Al Qaeda? Los Angeles Times, 7/17/05)

Second Hour: "Spiritual Politics"

Guests: Riane Eisler, Center for Parnership Studies, author, The Chalice
and the Blade
(; Mathew Fox, Wisdom University
(, author, Creativity:Where the Divine and Human Meet

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