The Morning Show

The Morning Show – July 15, 2005


Corporate Greed and Corruption.
Sam Pizzigati, author of Greed and Good: Understanding the
Inequality That Limits Our Lives
, and editor of the Too Much
Holly Sklar, co-author of Raise the Floor: Wages and Policies that
Work For All of Us
and op-ed columnist for Knight-Ridder


Natalie Robins, author of Copeland’s Cure : Homeopathy and the
War Between Conventional and Alternative Medicine


Film with Reyna Cowan: "Machuca" (from Chile) with Francisco
Letelier also "Tropical Malady" and "A Sidewalk


Herman S. Gray, author of Cultural Moves : African Americans and
the Politics of Representation

Executive producer: Lisa Rothman, Producers: Andrea and Philip
Assoc. producer: Joy Maulitz, Asst. producer: Laura Prives, and at the
controls: Kirsten Thomas
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