APEX Express

APEX Express – July 14, 2005

Aftermath of arrests: What was it like in Lodi when the FBI came to town? Lawyer and ASATA activist, Veena Dubal talks about the atmosphere in the small town and why she decided to assist Pakistani Americans living there. And, music from the Philippines and China gain a new audience in the US. Danny Kalanduyan is an acclaimed player of the pre-colonial, percussive gong ensemble of the Southern Philippines. Hear and learn about this rare music that continues to struggle, thrive and survive. Also, Chinese orchestral and opera music give youths in Chinatown a rare chance to learn it. And a young student singer stikes a surprising stand-out chord in this ensemble. Plus music, calendar and more. Also, listen on-line or from archives: www.kpfa.org, click programs, Apex.

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