The Morning Show

The Morning Show – July 8, 2005

Bombings in London.
David Harris, author of Profiles In Injustice: Why Racial Profiling Cannot
prof at the U. of Toledo law school, His new book is Good Cops: The
Case for Preventive Policing
Omar Waraich, independent journalist and student who lives in London near
one of the bombing sites


Political Cartoonists.
Ward Sutton, Sutton Impact: The Political Cartoons of Ward Sutton;
Don Asmussen, author of San Francisco Comic Book of Big Ass Mocha and SF Chronicle Cartoonist

Labor Fest.
Elaine Briere, videographer of Betrayed: The Story of Canadian Merchant
Seamen, July 8th 6:30 p.m. at New College, 777 Valencia at 19th St. in SF;
Maria Brooks, filmmaker, making a video history Maritime Women presentation
is July 9th at 2 p.m. at Modern Times Bookstore 888 Valencia St. at 20th
St. in SF;
Daisy Anarchy, activist for sex industry worker rights
Isis Rodriguez, artist, dancer, activist for sex industry worker rights
Sex Workers Organizing Film Night July 17th Artists Television Access 992
Valencia St. at 20th St. in San Francisco

Ruling America, A History of Wealth and Power in a Democracy edited by Steve Fraser and Gary Gerstle;
Meizhu Lui, executive director of United for a Fair Economy;
Gary Kornblith, contributor to Ruling America;
David Nasaw, contributor to Ruling America.

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