Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – July 3, 2005

Van Jones, founder of the Ella Baker Center forHuman Rights, will be guest anchoring "Sunday Salon" this Sunday, July 3rd,

Larry Bensky has been out on medical leave andreturns next week.

Our first hour, we’ll hear a live report from FreeSpeech Radio News and Pacifica Radio reporter AaronGlantz on the elections in Iraq. Then, we’ll discuss potential war crimes against the Bush administrationwith Former Brooklyn District Attorney andCongresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman. She’ll talk aboutthe unexplored legal issues surrounding the acts oftorture at Abu Ghraib, the War Crimes Act, and legalliability of the Bush administration.

Our Second hour, Ellison Horne, of "Celebrating Solutions" will talk about his projectto create live television that builds communitythrough interactive f format.

Ellison Horne, Founder of Celebrating Solutions!
United Way of the Bay Area
221 Main Street
San Francisco, CA 94105 – Phone: (415) 808-7302
Society has problems, Technology has potential,
Entertainment has power, and People have Solutions!

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