APEX Express

APEX Express – June 23, 2005

On last week’s show, the detentions in Lodi’s Pakistani
Muslim community was a focus. How people respond to this and how they
re-define themselves under pressure is this week’s segment. We talk with
Pakistani American organizer Samina Faheem Sundas, who also relates the
kinds of threats she’s faced. And, Bill Lee has written about his life in
a Chinatown gang called "Chinese Playground" and his gambling addiction in
"Born to Lose". He also talks about his son’s running away that began
Lee’s journey to find past and present ties that bind, as well as what
ties need to be broken. Also, Chinatown is at the heart of spoken word
artist Leonard Shek’s poems that he’ll read on-air. Plus music, calendar
and more. Contact Apex: [email protected], 510-848-6767×464. Don’t forget,
first week of each month, API Hip Hop on Apex – go to
www.myspace.com/apexexpress to learn more.

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