The Morning Show

The Morning Show – June 10, 2005

Bush’s Africa Policy.
Jakeya Caruthers, campaigns coordinator with Jubilee USA;
Nunu Kidane, coordinator of Priority Africa Network and member
of the
Bay Area Jubilee Debt Cancellation Committee.

Bob Laird, author of The Case for Affirmative Action in
University Admissions


Lesbians in popular culture.
Kate Clinton, humorist and author of new book What the L? in Talking a Blue Streak;
Leslie Lang, author of Dyke Drama: Your Guide to
Getting Out Alive
; Michele Kort, author of Dinah! Three Decades of Sex, Golf and Rock and Roll


The San Francisco Black Film Festival:; Ave Montague, festival coordinator; Stanley Nelson, director of the film "Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice."

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