APEX Express

APEX Express – June 9, 2005

Internationally acclaimed DJ Krush from Japan is on
Apex! MC, DJ Shing02 caught up with Krush and learned about his latest
recording "Jaku", how Krush gets his inspiration, the challenges that
using Japanese traditional instruments posed to him and how DJ Krush got
his name. And, a flag marks a dividing line in the Vietnamese American
community and the openings of a sharp debate within it. Also, learn about
the South Asian diaspora featured in Samar journal. Plus music, calendar
and more. DJ Loo hosts. And thanks to supporters of KPFA/ Apex during
the marathon – you keep free speech alive! Contact Apex at apex@kpfa.org
or 510/848-6767×464. For archived shows, go to www.kpfa.org; click on:
KPFA program schedule, then Apex.

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