The Morning Show

The Morning Show – June 8, 2005


Judicial appointments.
Paul Turner, senior program manager at the Greenlining Institute, a
multi-ethnic public policy, research and advocacy institute in
Eva Jefferson Paterson, president of the Equal Justice Society, a
national organization of scholars, advocates and concerned
individuals advancing creative legal strategies and public policy
for enduring social change.

Mumia Abu Jamal Commentary "The Collapse of Compromise"


David speaks with Julia Quinones, a Mexican union organizer who
works with women in particular


Beth Custer, musician;
Joe Goode, choreographer;
"Hometown" at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

The Other Side of the Postcard — an anthology of poems that
explore the realities of people’s lives in San Francisco.
devorah major, who is completing her term as SF poet laureate;
Eric Foster; Nellie Wong.

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