Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – June 5, 2005

Matt Gonzalez is filling in for Larry Bensky, who is recovering from surgery.

First hour, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey is with us live and discusses
her historic amendment to bring the troops home from Iraq, and fills
us in on the priorities of the Progressive Caucus in Congress. We’ll
open up phones so listeners can speak with her.
Joining Lynn is Free Speech Radio News Capitol Hill Correspondent,
Mitch Jesserich, who will update us on the Senate and other Capitol
Hill goings on this week.

The Second Hour, we’ll hear why the Leave No Child Behind Act might
be actually damaging our schools and our children. It is just a
pre-cursor for the military draft? Are the tests really just a boon
for Bush educational corporations that stand to profit from the huge
number of tests they now provide? Harold Balack, educational
consultant in Oakland is a guest, along with Tamalpais Teacher’s
Union rep, Paul Grifo and high school students to give their point of

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