Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – May 25, 2005

Join Malihe and Khalil for this week’s program, during which we will first feature two weblog entries from the book Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq by Riverbend, a 25-year-old Iraqi woman living in Baghdad. Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq is a collection of blog entries that roughly span the first year of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, from August, 2003 through September, 2004.

Later in the program, we will hear excerpts from the documentary film "Voices in Wartime". This powerful documentary brings together diverse perspectives on war and war’s effects on soldiers and civilian society with powerful images and narratives. Poets from United States and Colombia to Britain and Nigeria to Iraq and India share their views of war and experiences of war that extend beyond national borders and into the very depth of the human soul.

The Middle Eastern and North African Perspectives (MENAP) produce the Voices of the Middle East and North Africa every Wednesday at 7 PM. To contact us, please call 510-848-6767 ext. 632, or send us an e-mail to vomekpfa@yahoo.com. For more information on our program, please visit our web site at www.menap.org.

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