APEX Express

APEX Express – May 19, 2005

Movies, Martial Arts and Marathon on Apex. Though known
for his films and martial arts, Bruce Lee was also a philosopher and
innovator. For Lee, his life in the East Bay was a formative, but
little-known period. In the books Dragon and The Tiger, authors Sid
Campbell and Greglon Lee explore these years in Lee’s life that led to the
explosion of interest in Asian martial arts and culture. Movies are also
an important way to gage peoples’ aspirations. Learn about this as South
Asian author Tariq Ali talks about Iran and the trying conditions in the
Middle East. And, find out how hope is kept alive as we offer a
report-back from two Forums that addressed opposite spectrums of the
world’s interests. Lastly, as part of KPFA’s marathon funddrive, please
help Apex by pledging support during the show. If so, you could receive
gifts such as the book The Dragon and the Tiger and a special CD, Saving
Salinas’ Libraries with speakers such as Maxine Hong-Kingston, Dolores
Huerta and many more!

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