The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – May 3, 2005

Iraq’s new government is sworn into office….but it’s still not complete…..five ministers are temporary and two deputy prime minister posts are still vacant…..meanwhile the violence accompanying its installation goes on — 170 have been killed in six days

In Britain families of soldiers slain in Iraq plan to take British prime minister Tony Blair to court…they say he deceived the nation in taking it to war

A classified Pentagon report says the U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan limit its ability to fight other wars…anti-war activists warn that means a draft in the event of another armed conflict

its the first anniversary of San Francisco’s implementation of the care not cash homeless program….advocates for the homeless release a report called the forgotten which details what they say is the dirty secret behind the new policy

Dozens of Bayview residents converge on San Francisco City Hall to protest the thousands of dollars they’re supposed to shell out to subsidize new underground conduits for PG and E, Comcast and SBC

San Franncisco hotel workers and supporters take to the streets …they’ve been without a contract for 8 months…two and half months without any negotiations

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