Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – May 1, 2005

First Hour:
Chuy Varela and Amelia guest host and will be talking to Favianna Rodriguez who is in Mexico and will report on the political crisis in Mexico.

Second Hour
Camilo Mejia was the first US soldier court-martialed for desertion and
was ultimately sentenced to a year in jail. He was released in mid-February. Mejia spent six months in combat in Iraq where he witnessed the killing of civilians and the abuse of detainees. After he returned to the United States he decided never to return to fight in Iraq. He went
into hiding to avoid redeployment and was classified as AWOL by
the military. He spent five months underground. We’ll interview Mejia during the 9 to 10 am hour of Sunday Salon.

Camilo Mejia will be speaking in Oakland Monday May 2nd at a
KPFA Sponsored Event

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