The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 29, 2005

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One day after Iraq forms a new government resistance fighters unleash a
wave of coordinated bomb attacks….17 explosions kill at least 50
including three U.S. soldiers

Republicans in the House of Representatives announce plans to draft
legislation to overhaul social security….the move comes one day after
president Bush tells a nationwide audience that those lawmakers who block his efforts will be held to account in the polls

California Governor Schwarzenegger calls himself a champion of immigrants one day after praising a vigilante group for curbing illegal crossings along the Arizona-Mexico border

Forestry activists say they’re elated after a San Francisco federal jury returns a unanimous verdict finding Humboldt County law enforcement officials used excessive force when they swabbed the activists eyes with pepper spray…

Several dozen people at an early morning protest at the gates to the
former Zeneca chemical facility in South Richmond, where they say there’s been a botched clean up of toxic chemicals….

Chile’s interior minister to become the next Secretary-General of the
Organization of American States, the first ever to be elected to the post without U.S. backing

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