Radio Chronicles

Radio Chronicles – April 29, 2005

Here There is No Moon
by Susan Stone.

A college student leaps from a bridge, a young mother walks into a lake, a
widow clings to a ledge. Impulse. Depression. Illness. Grief.

Here There Is No Moon is a portrait of the suicidal mind from the perspective of those who have survived the bullet, the bottle, the jump; and those who have helped in rescue and intervention. There is the limbo in which some live: Why am I still here? Will I try again? Can I resume the life I almost left? There is relief, for others, in having a second chance at life. And there are the doctors, philosophers, counselors, and poets grappling with suicide as epidemic, violence, and the siren song of suicide landmarks.

(National Suicide Prevention Week: May 3 – 9, 2005)

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