APEX Express

APEX Express – April 7, 2005

API OUtha box! API hip-hop first week of the month
features MC JenRO. At the age of 17, JenRO starred in a short documentary
called "Rebel Girls" based on one of her raps. The film played in theaters
across California. At 19, JenRO was establishing her name by performing
at major city events such as East Bay Pride, SF Pride, and "Carnaval". She
is currently finishing up her debut solo project titled "The Revelation"
which is being put out by La Movida Records and performs both here and in
the Philippines. MC Kiwi of Native Guns hosts along with Maya. And, don’t
forget to catch JenRO live at Pusod Friday 4/8. Plus hot topics, calendar
and more.

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