The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 1, 2005

Roman Catholics around the world wait and pray as Pope John Paul is near
death after a 26-year reign. .. .tens of thousands of faithful stage an
emotional vigil in Rome’s St. Peter’s square deep into the night after
Vatican officials said the 84-year old pontiff’s health was fading fast

Influential Sunni Muslim clerics in Iraq with an unexpected change in
position encouraging Iraqis to join the new Iraq police force and
army …previously they had denounced members of the security forces as

The U.S. army misses its march recruitment goal by 32 percent — the second
monthly failure in a row … .the situation with the army reserve and the
army national guard is even worse, leading to talk of a revival of the draft

A committee of the Mexican legislature says the entire body should vote on
revoking the immunity of Mexico City’s mayor…. .that would make Andres Manuel
Lopez Obrador ineligible to run in the 2006 presidential race in which he’s
heavily favored…

The opposition in Zimbabwe cries foul again…. in parliamentary elections
the party of president Robert Mugabe is on track to win a two thirds
majority giving it the ability to change the country’s constitution

Angry University of California workers stage an April Fool’s Day protest

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