Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – March 30, 2005

This week, Johayna Marlow and John Young of the Middle
East Radio Project Collective bring you a special
program to mark the 57th anniversary of the Deir
Yassin massacre in Palestine (April 9th 1948), one of
the most significant dates in Palestinian history.
Join us for an extraordinary commemoration in which we
present a remarkable and rare chronicle of the
displacement and suffering two Palestinian families –
the ‘Issas and the Tirawis –who were driven from their
homes near Haifa in 1948 and who finally became
refugees in the Balaata Camp in northern Palestine.
This reconstruction of their life and times, from 1948
to the present day, has been carefully researched and
written by journalist Anne Gwynne over the course of
last several years. Following this, we feature a
compelling and moving telephone interview from Balaata
Camp with Tahrere, the daughter of the ‘Issa family,
who tells us how her young husband was assassinated by
the Israelis on his way to work by a
remotely-detonated bomb. We will also weave music and
poetry specially-composed to commemorate the Deir
Yassin massacre into this program.

Visit our website at www.me-radio.org to view our
web-feature based on this special program, which
includes photographs of the families and places
featured, along with a transcripts, audio files,
links, and further information. Write to us at
[email protected]

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