Full Circle

Full Circle – March 25, 2005


This week on Full Circle, we’ll be bringing you Stories From Around the
World. Tune in with the Full Circle crew as Brother Tondre speaks on what’s happening in Hebron, a city in Palestine, struggling to survive the Israeli occupation. Also, we’ll listen to a Palestinian woman’s speech from the Incite conference on violence against women of color, which took place recently in New Orleans. Hear a commentary from First Voice apprentice, Lawton Chan, comparing our beloved Bay Area to his hometown New York City.
Fatima shares with us the amazing uses elephants have in times of disaster.
Join William Walker as he interviews Quentin Lee, of Shopping for Fangs,
on his new film Ethan Mao which screened in this years Asian American Film Festival. And get down with the "Bush rap", a satirical, lyrical look at this country’s current regime. These stories and more on Full Circle.

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