Counterspin – March 25, 2005

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Norman Solomon on Iraq and withdrawal, Katha Pollitt on op-ed diversity

This week on CounterSpin: the two-year anniversary of the Iraq war came and went with relatively little media fanfare. What’s the state of the Iraq debate? And what ideas are unmentionable in mainstream media circles? We’ll ask FAIR associate and syndicated columnist Norman Solomon.

Also on the show: Everything old would appear to be new again, at least when it comes to arguments of why women aren’t fully represented in, in this case, opinion pages of US newspapers and magazines. We’re hearing once again– or is that still? — that women just don’t have what it takes for high-profile punditry or that they just don’t want to, or that if there were more spaces for women, then that would block the advance of people of color. Is there anything new in this latest round of debate about women and media? We’ll hear from author and Nation columnist Katha Pollitt.

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