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APEX Express – March 24, 2005

Writing a Grammy award winning song would be
considered a major achievement for most people, but for Ani, a Malaysian
singer song writer who lives in Los Angeles, the 2005 music award was just
a stepping stone to her real goal – challenging the male hierarchy of the
entire Islamic world, which her organization achieved this weekend by
organizing the first women-led call to prayer. This week on Apex Express,
we speak to her about how she wrote Keb Mo’s award winning song, sparked
opposition from the grand mufti of Egypt, while volunteering to answer
phone at KPFK, our sister station. Also we discuss the release of four
Iranian brothers from a Los Angeles jail after 1000 days of captivity
under the USA Patriot Act. Plus music, calendar and more. Pratap Chatterjee,Managing Editor/Project Director CorpWatch hosts. See him read from his new book on Iraq with C-Span televising at Pusod www.pusod.org this Wednesday. And, catch our first week of the month API hip hop show with Pusod on-air!

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