The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – March 22, 2005

A Santa Clara County judge holds a hearing on the claims of a former Alameda county prosecutor who says a judge and the district attorney’s office routinely excluded Jews and Black women from juries deciding death penalty cases……the allegations could lead to new trials for as many as eleven condemned men whose juries may have been unlawfully tainted

Three unions sue over video news releases produced by the Schwarzenegger administration that promote the governor’s push to change worker regulations…the unions claim the videos were made to resemble television
news reports violating the state law against using government resources to propagandize

Statewide Democratic office holders issue a warning that the governor could gut school funding under a proposal intended to automatically cut state spending

An Oakland city council committee deadlocks on a proposal to use herbicides to supress the growth of plants that create a fire danger…it sends two proposals to the full council

A new study showing Americans are exposed to a variety of potentially dangerous chemicals in their homes from products like computers, frying pans, and shower curtains

It’s World Water Day –the United Nations wants to cut in half the
number of people without access to safe drinking water in the next decade

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