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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – March 20, 2005

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A spate of attacks in Iraq claims the lives of 24 resistance fighters, a U.S. soldier, and a high ranking police official

Antiwar demonstrators hold a march and rally in San Jose…

A gunbattle in Haiti kills a U.N. peacekeeper– the first death of a U.N.
soldier since the force arrived in Haiti in june…

Environmentalists say that new Bush administration regulations on mercury
are a giveaway to the electric power industry at the expense of human

Vegetarians celebrate the 20th anniversary of the great American meat-out in
all 50 states and in 21 coutries around the world. We’ll check in with
health, animal, and environmental advocates…

Pedestrian safety advocates showed up at San Francisco’s City Hall this week
to tell city officials that they need to do more to make it safe to walk in
the city…

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