Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – March 16, 2005

Join co-hosts Sureya and Steve as they focus on workers in the Middle East.
We will interview Amjad Al-Jawhary from the Federation of Workers Councils
and Unions in Iraq and the Union of the Unemployed (UUI) www.uuiraq.org
Al-Jawhary will discuss the economic conditions of the Iraqi workers and
the effect of the US economic policies in Iraq for the trade unions. The US
has sought to privatize much of Iraqi’s industry and the flood of imports
into the country has led to devastating conditions according to Al-Jawhary.
He also reports that the US controlled regime has prevented the Iraqi
workers from having the democratic right to elect their own representatives.
Next we will listen to labor music by Saad Maaronf from Lebanon and will
look at what the role of the United States is in Lebanon. We will interview
Lebanese American trade unionist Rayan Elamine who is a member of AFT 212
and the newly formed Arab American Union Members Council www.aaumc.org
Elamine will also discuss the repression that workers in Lebanon face and
the reasons behind behind the US intervention for "democracy". We will also
find out about a new film titled "Leaded, Unleaded" that looks at a worker
rebellion last year in Lebanon against the economic conditions.
Finally, we will examine how Arab American and Muslim people in the United
States have been effected by 9/11 and the war. Simina Faheem with American
Muslim Voice www.amuslimvoice.org will discuss what people can do to stop
the growing war frenzy in the US.

More details can be found at the Middle East Radio Project’s web site:
www.me-radio.org. You can contact the producers or the collective at
[email protected]

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