Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – March 9, 2005

Join co-hosts Malihe and khalil in a regionally
diverse commemoration of March 8th, International
Women’s Day. First, we’ll visit North Africa in an
interview with Marnia Lazreg, Algerian-born Professor
of Sociology at Hunter College and the Graduate Center
of the City University of New York and the author of
The Eloquence of Silence: Algerian Women in
Professor Lazreg is currently working on
an upcoming book entitled Twilight of Empire:
Torture, Memory and Identity, from Algiers to
On tonight’s program, we will hear the first
part of this two-part series in which, Marnia Lazreg
will discuss the struggles and resistance of women in
Algeria during the French colonial rule. She will also
talk about how a perpetual orientalist representation
of women in the Middle East (West Asia) and North
Africa has been used to further the U.S.
colonial policies in the region. Later in the program,
we will feature the works of some of the women poets
in the region when poetry of Iranian Forough
Farokhzad, Kuwaiti Suad Al-Mubarak Al-sabah,
Palestinian-American Lisa Suhair Majaj, and
Syrian-American Mohja Kahf is read by Ninva
Bitmansour, Dr. Zeina Zaatari, and Nadine Ghammache.

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