The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – March 8, 2005

Florida farmworkers with a victory over Taco Bell — the fast food giant agrees to pay a penny per pound surcharge on Florida tomatoes…..that will double the pickers’ yearly salaries and bring to an end a three year boycott of Taco Bell….

A political committee with close ties to governor Schwwarzenegger hires an out-of-state firm to qualify his measures for the November ballot which in turn outsources some of the work to India…….Citizens to Save California says the governor’s measures are needed to improve the California economy and create jobs here

An abortion test for the new congress and the Republican-controlled senate defeats a Democratic effort to prevent violent anti-abortion protestors from using bankruptcy to avoid payment of court judgments …the vote is 53 to 46

Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese take to the streets of Beirut for a pro-Syria rally….the demonstration dwarfs earlier protests calling on Syrian troops to withdraw from Lebanon

it’s International Women’s Day …..several womens and human rights groups stage the Sixth Annual Global Women’s Strike in San Francisco

It’s election day in Los Angeles where mayor James Hahn is trying to
avoid becoming the first incumbent mayor to be turned out of office in 32 years.

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