The Morning Show

The Morning Show – March 7, 2005

7:00 am
Ten years after Beijing: UN Conference on Equality. Taina Bien-Aime Executive Director of "Equality Now", Zonibel Woods Senior Advisor for International Policy for the International Women’s Health Coalition.

7:30 am
Julia Harumi Mass, staff attorney at the Northern California American Civil
Liberties Union collecting stories: 415-621-2493; Mark Sanchez, San Francisco Unified School District Commissioner.

8:00 am
Making Meetings Bearable, Rules of Order: Robert’s and/or Roberta’s?
Alice Collier Cochran, author of Roberta’s Rules of Order: Sail Through Meetings for Stellar Results Without the Gavel;
Pat Bruce-Lerrigo, regional manager of the Interaction Institute for Social
David Mezzera, president-elect of the California State Association of

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