The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – February 10, 2005

The House of Representatives votes to bar undocumented immigrants from obtaining drivers licenses…. .the bill also grants judges greater powers to deport asylum seekers and authorizes bounty hunters to track down people in the country illegally

In the Senate a victory for business and the Bush administration as that body approves legislation overhauling class action law suits.. …it’s a defeat for consumer, environmental, and civil rights groups

Veteran civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart convicted of aiding terrorism by helping a client send messages to militant followers …… critics say her prosecution was part of an effort by the Bush administration to discourage the defense of accused terrorists

Civil rights groups seeking law enforcement records following police
sweeps targeting Latino youth in Stanislaus County……. hundreds of homes have been searched

Students and parents in Sutter County want to reverse a requirement that all pupils wear badges with radio frequency identification technology

Two Democratic lawmakers ask California’s campaign monitor to put a
limit on a fund-raising by a business group trying to raise 50 million
dollars to back a series of ballot measures pushed by governor Schwarzenegger’s

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