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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – February 7, 2005

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President Bush unveils a two and
a half trillion dollar budget with cuts to Medicaid, housing, the
environment and more …spending is slated to rise for the military and
homeland security

Consumer and public interest groups urge the defeat of pro-business
legislation that would restrict class action lawsuits against corporate

Israeli prime minister Sharon and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas set to meet in Egypt -~they’re expected to sign a truce… Palestinians are skeptical…

A Kurdish ticket pulls into second place ahead of U.S .-backed prime minister
Ayad Allawi’s candidates in Iraq’s national election ..meanwhile another
bloody day in Iraq with an estimated thirty people killed in resistance

State lawmakers consider whether the state should legalize assisted

A measure to ban genetically modified crops has qualified for the Sonoma
county ballot

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