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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – February 1, 2005

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The senate opens debate on the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as attorney general.. .most Democrats are expected to vote against him because of his role in grafting administration torture policies — but they won’t stage a filibuster…

Iraq’s interim president dismisses as "complete nonsense" the suggestion that
U.S. and other occupation troops could withdraw in the wake of Sunday’s

A former Abu Ghraib guard reaches a plea bargain in the Abu Ghraib torture
and abuse scandal, without going to trial ..attorneys for Javal Davis had
earlier said they would argue he was just following orders to rough up
prisoners before interrogation. . .

San Francisco supervisor Ross Mirkarimi wants to make it tougher to
own an SUV in the city…

California attorney general Bill Lockyer and several environmental groups
sue to overturn the Bush administration’s plan to dramatically increase
logging in the Sierra Nevada. . .

The NAACP refuses to cooperate with an I.R.S. probe into a speech by its
chairman Julian Bond critical of President Bush…

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