The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – January 12, 2005

The Bush Administration says the
search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction is over, but despite the
absence of such weapons, Bush has no regrets about the war…

Senator Edward Kennedy accuses president Bush of hyping concerns about the
nation’s retirement program, just as he did on Iraq, and urged Democrats to
stand up to the "politics of fear”

Attorneys for death row inmate Donald Beardslee argue that one of the
chemicals in the lethal injection he faces next week is a paralyzing agent
that could mask the excruciating pain he may experience as he dies…

The nonpartisan legislative analyst warns that while Governor Schwarzenegger’s
budget plan solves next year’s problem, the state still faces big deficits
in the future because spending remains out of balance with tax income.

Indonesia announces that U.S. and other foreign troops providing tsunami
disaster relief must leave the country by the end of march.. .the government
also orders aid. workers to declare their travel plans .or face expulsion from
Aceh province. . .

A Caribbean community leader tells the U.N. Security Council that the
Haitian government must fully investigate reports of "egregious abuses" by
the Haitian police and release all political leaders detained without

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