Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – January 2, 2005

First Hour:
Unfinished Business: the 2004 Election and the Occupation of Iraq

Part One: Countdown to 1/6/05, the U.S. Senate electoral college ratification
session. Guests include: Judy Bertelson, MD, PhD, US Voting Integrity Project (; Sheila Parks, Boston Coalition Against Election Fraud
(; Judy Gallo, Greater Cleveland Voter Registration

Part Two:
Disinformation and Disaster in Iraq

Guest: Professor Richard Falk,
Princeton and UC Santa Barbara, co-author, The Record of the Paper: How the New York Times Misreports US Foreign Policy (Verso).

Second Hour:
Disaster: the Tsunami and Its Aftermath

Guests: Dr. Evaleen Jones,
M.D.President, Founder and Medical Director, and Steve Schmidbauer, Executive
Director, Child Family Health International (

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