Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – December 26, 2004

This Sunday, December 26th, from 9AM to 11AM on KPFA, you will hear
the Seriously Satirical Sunday Salon, with Scoop Nisker as host,
sitting in for Larry Bensky. In the first hour Scoop’s guests will be
Paul Krassner, performer, author, and notorious editor of the late
Realist Magazine, and Darryl Henriques, human impersonator and
comedian. It is quite possible that the Swami from Miami will make an
appearance as well. In the second hour, Scoop’s guests will be
performance artists Charlie Varon and Dan Hoyle, doing pieces from
their current monologues. The Seriously Satirical Sunday Salon will
attempt to shed some light on our current social and political
situation, and get the new year started off on the wrong foot.

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