Explorations – December 21, 2004

Environmentalist Michael Oppenheimer, Professor of Geosciences, Princeton University, on the state of the planet. Also: It’s official: 2004 is the 4th hottest year ever recorded: The 1990s was the hottest decade; 200 nations send representatives to Buenos Ares to hammer out the finer points of the Kyoto Protocols, designed to reign in green house gases; A test of the “Star Wars” system, which is supposed to protect the U.S. against missile attack, has failed; More bad news for education: U.S. schoolchildren slipping again in math and science proficiency; NASA will slam probe into a comet;
Scientists in Germany successfully use stem cells to re-grow parts of a 7-year old girls skull: the girl was missing large chunks of her skull due to an accident, and scientists were able to re-grow 19 square inches of her skull.

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