Steppin' Out of Babylon

Steppin’ Out of Babylon – November 24, 2004

The Sustainable Solutions Caravan
A biodiesel bus running on pure vegetable oil is leaving the Bay Area early this December for its second trip to Costa Rica to promote sustainability, stopping along the way to connect with local communities and share resources on renewable energies, organic farming, and sustainable lifestyles. Our guests today Zack Zaidman, Abija Hummel, Rom Shaver, and Stephen Brooks plan to share seeds, information, and technologies for sustainable living that are environmentally, economically, and socially relevant to local communities. They’ll also connect farmers with organic distributors – thereby providing economic incentive and technical help for farmers to transition to organic – and they will support the creation of a network of people, projects, and organizations involved in all aspects of sustainable living solutions throughout neo-tropical Central America.

The Caravan is scheduled to arrive in Mexico City by Dec. 16. To keep in touch, contribute and learn more visit: and

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